Base Energy, a limited liability company with a single proprietor, has been on the Bulgarian energy market since 2012. It has a high innovative capacity. Its activity is focused on the development and implementation of an innovative and competitive European and world level bioenergy production facility.

The main contribution in the process of development of the facility is due to Mr. Elhan Demir – General manager and sole owner of the capital of Base Energy Ltd., who has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and is a proven manager in the machine-building industry in Germany.
Since 2009, Mr Demir has been considering the idea of ​​offering alternative energy from renewable energy sources on the market, namely to build by himself a facility that produces efficient energy from biomass.
After many years of research and construction of two test prototypes, he set up his company in Bulgaria for this purpose, developing his own innovative product.


From the moment of its establishment until now, “Base Energy” Ltd. uncompromisingly favours the perfect professional service, accompanied by the supply of high quality products.


We believe that the constant pursuit of self-improvement is the path to ultimate success.
The satisfaction of our partners is due to our loyalty to them and our desire to become the number one choice.


Base Energy Ltd., headed by its General manager and sole proprietor, Mr. Elhan Demir works with a highly qualified and experienced team of people for whom responsibility for work, quality and reliability are principles of primary importance.