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Base Energy Ltd. headed by its manager and sole proprietor, Mr. Elhan Demir works with a highly qualified and experienced team of people for whom responsibility for work, quality and reliability are principles of primary importance.

Base Energy

regenerative energy

Our goal is to offer alternative energy from renewable energy sources.

How do we achieve it?

-We get it through the innovative product called BIOMASS THERMOCHEMICAL CARBONIZATION AND GAZIFICATION, which, with the help of a specific process, recycles the energy resources contained in the bio-waste and transforms it into gaseous energy carriers. The innovative method provides two stages for biomass processing.

In the first phase, biomass is introduced in raw state without pre-drying in a thermal reactor.

The reactor is heated. The water contained in the biomass is heated and partially evaporated. Upon reaching a certain temperature level, the biomass is carbonized. The bio-coal thus formed serves as an intermediate product for the subsequent transformation. This happens in the gasification reactor. The resulting gas is burned in an electric motor.


The following organic wastes can be burned in a biogas plant:


* wet biomass up to 50%;

* straw;

* wood sawdust P16 (G30);

* farm residues;

* cattle manure;

* horse manure;

* fruit-vegetable plantation residues;

* bread and bakery products;

* sewage sludge;

* secondary biomass from biogas plants;

* olive residue;

* residues from malt processing;

* residues from wine processing / marc /;

As well as many other types of bio-waste.